Japan Expo 2013

The JAPAN EXPO 2013 is among one of the biggest events held in Paris, France.  It gave fans the opportunity to come out and dress up as their favorite anime/manga characters.  Another great thing is that they are given a platform to showcase their talents by singing popular anime songs.  Anime songs are popularfor being energetic, fun, and cheerful.

A Japanese TV show called Image-Nation on NHK WORLD hosted a karaoke competition over three days.  For each round, the best performers competed against each other and the winner was chosen the last day.  The winner would receive a karaoke machine.  During the competition, it would show the lyrics and accuracy of their pitch when they sang on the television screen behind them.

Therefore, whoever scored the most points is entered into a karaoke song competition sponsored by the French TV channel Nolife.  They air a lot of Japanese anime.  Two events held at JAPAN EXPO 2013 was the Tokyo Fashion Express and NEXUS Kawaii International talk show featuring Japanese fashion designer Sebastian Masuda that discusses fashion shows in Japan and current news in the industry.

Popular acts that performed at the expo include Nightmare and Natsuko Aso, an admired singer among French audiences.  A huge benefit among fans of anime and manga fans is that it helps the fans learn Japanese more effectively.  France is one of the many countries that has bookstores that offers a tremendous amount of anime CDs for fans to explore.  Since they have a deep passion for Japanese pop culture, this makes it easier for them to speak with confidence.

In 2011, French restaurant cosplay featured staff wearing costumes with table tops displaying elements of manga.  Japanese music played in the background while guests enjoyed each other’s company and drank sake, a popular Japanese drink.  Setting the mood helped immersed them into Japanese culture without leaving home.

Despite having few karaoke places in France for Japanese anime, fans are willing to seek them out and live out their passion with others.  JAPAN EXPO 2013 has provided them with a great outlet for fans to get seen and heard.  In my opinion, it will only get bigger and better in the upcoming years.

I attached a link to a Youtube video below discussing the events occurring during the past three days in Paris, France :

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