Customer Service in America vs Japan

Japan has one of the most unique cultures around the world steeped in tradition that traces back thousands of years.  Living in America, I do not like the customer service when I go to certain places such as McDonalds or Burger King.  Whenever I order food, it takes long for me to get it.  Most of the time, the food just sits there and it does not taste as good.  It is one major reason I do not go to fast food restaurants very often.  The only place that offers good customer service in my opinion would be Subway Restaurants.  However, I went to a Japanese restaurant in Roosevelt Field Mall called Sakura Japan and they make the food in front of you.  It really made me think to myself, “Why does the Japanese treat their food better than America?  If anybody feels the way I feel, leave your thoughts in the comment section.

About wmckenzie95

I am passionate about travel and learning about other cultures. On my free time, I love to listen to music and watch movies. Some countries that I really want to visit are Japan and France.
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