Another Great and Exciting Year for Hyper Japan 2014 London

There is going to be another great event taking place at Hyper Japan 2014 in London.  It is one of the biggest events that occurs in the UK every summer providing people with a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture and its history.  This year, it will be held from July 25th — July 27th.

As usual, it will attract people deeply passionate about Japanese culture.  Hyper Japan 2014 will host cultural events, fashion shows, cosplays, manga, anime, live musical performances, and all things Japanese.  Last year, one aspect of the show that stood out for me is observing performances from geishas.  Geishas are an essential part of the culture that the audience needs to know.  It is one element that shapes the way Japan is viewed by the world today.  Educating the public not only about pop culture but also its history will help the public gain a greater understanding of the culture as a whole.

For example, last year’s introduced a variety of different cuisines open to the public.  In the UK, people sampled foods included sushi and sake, a popular Japanese alcoholic drink.  Japan hosted different flavors of sake to the public.  Also, it motivated people to launch their own manga series in the UK.  Manga is a huge part of Japanese culture and it continues to do a great job of promoting this artform to other parts of the world. 

For all die-hard fans of Japanese culture, what do you look forward to seeing and think will be better this year?  The video that I uploaded above is from last year and anyone interested in Japanese culture can check it out for themselves and tell me what you think.                               



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I am passionate about travel and learning about other cultures. On my free time, I love to listen to music and watch movies. Some countries that I really want to visit are Japan and France.
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