Japanese Street Fashion

The Japanese are known for their unique and eccentric style of street fashion.  Japanese fashion has been heavily influenced by America.  Some of the most popular fashion subcultures include Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Visual Kei, and Decora .  In Japan, some of the most well-known fashion districts include Tokyo, Shibuya, and Shinjuku.

Gothic Lolita is characterized by primarily black frilled clothing that emerged during the 1990s.  This style is inspired by theatrical outfits worn by members of visual kei rock bands .  One of the most influential groups was Malice Mizer.  Their leader Mana established ‘Moi-meme-Moitie’ fashion label in 1999, one of the well-known Gothic Lolita brands.

Another popular street style in Japan is Sweet Lolita.  Sweet Lolita uses pastels and lots of lace/bows.  Its origins in old-fashion, little-girl image marketed in the 1980s by companies such as Pink House and Shirley Temple.  Dolls , cuddly toys, and references to Victorian children’s literature most notably Alice in Wonderland.  Some prominent brands include Baby, Angelic Pretty, and The Stars Shine Bright, which opened its first shop back in 1988.

The third style is Visual Kei.  Visual Kei was orginially created in the mid-1980s by Japanese musicians that were famous for wearing eccentric costumes, unusual hair styles, and makeup.  Influential artists for making this style well-known include X Japan and Malice Mizer.  Visual Kei was inspired by 1970s glam rock from the United Kingdom.

The last style that I will discuss is Decora.  This style is bright and decorative.  Girls wear many plastic accessories and barrettes, neon skirts, colorful socks, and cute character character products.

For more information about different style of Japanese fashion, check out the links below.





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