Kawaii International’s Impact on School Uniforms

A couple of days ago, I saw an episode on Kawaii International’s impact on school uniforms.  Junior and high school girls are required to wear school uniforms at a certain length.  Girls are popular for shortening their skirts.  Lolita, harajuku-style fashion, and school uniforms are an important part of Kawaii fashion culture in Japan.

About a century ago, sailor uniforms became popular at a time when Japan switched toWestern-style clothing.  The sailor-style uniform design was originated from the BritishNavy.  It consists of a shirt with a sailor collar, red scarf, and Navy-pleated skirt.  Nowadays, girls in Japan wear blazers with a ribbon or necktie, white dress shirt, and pleated skirt.  

Super short-skirts, loose-fitting cardigans, and big sweaters keep this look from being too formal.  Some girls wear black tights with mouton boots while Shibuya girls wear white loose socks.  It helps them express their individuality and makes them stand out more.  However, socks are free from uniform rules.  High-school and junior high school girls also carry designer bags to match their personality.

One popular store in Japan specializing in school uniform fashion is CONOMI.  Clothes in various styles and colors.  There are twenty-five colors of cardigans, over fifty patterns of skirts, over thirty-five socks sold to fashion-conscious girls.  A school can become more popular by having a Japanese designer create their clothes.  School uniforms are popular overseas in countries such as Australia and Sweden.

Comic Market, Japan’s largest otaku culture festival, provides everyone the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters in anime, manga, and video games in addition to wearing school uniforms.  School uniforms have become a popular fashion item among idol groups, especially among the Japanese group Band Janai Mon.  Two years ago, Tokyo Fashion Week created a show that captured years of adolescence in a teenager’s life.  More and more designers in the Japanese fashion industry are inspired by school uniforms for both men and women designs.

Kawaii International also introduced Nabilla Benattia, a popular French model/TV personality.  She is the host of Allo Nabilla, a popular reality show in France.  During her time in Japan, she got a makeover by visiting Harajuku’s top malls to search for the best fashion forward clothes.  In addition, her hair was done by famous stylist Hiroshi Yamamoto popular with Japanese magazine models.  Japan utilizes a lot of colorful wigs to create style that is cute and couture.  Her makeover has ton of Tokyo elements that consisting of a jacket with pony pattern, scary Kawaii necklace, corset with jewels, and necklace collar.  In Japan, it gives all girls the freedom in creating their own Kawaii style. Japanese culture provides everyone the opportunity to express themselves without being judged harshly.  Here is more information on the episode below and leave your comments.


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