Classic Video Game Strider Gets New Makeover for 2014

Capcom and Double Helix is working on the upcoming of the updated version of the classic video game Strider.  They want to recreate this game in the modern era.

Capcom’s goal is to create a character that has many different elements such as an increase in speed and maneuvering.  The main character in the game is Strider Hiryu.  One of his signature traits is his red scarf.   The modern versionwill give game designers an opportunity to change colors and obtain new powers with “Cypher.”  They are the explosive, ultrabomb, and reflect “Cypher.”  Throughout the game, Strider creates an effective use of real time, dynamic lights on impact, and explosions heard throughout the game.  It provides an authentic feel throughout this character’s journey.

Gamers will see a variety of different landscapes while playing the game.  For example, Kazakh City is modeled after cities of former Communist bloc.  This is one of the constituent republics of the Soviet Union until it collapsed in 1991.    The original version of the game was released in 1989.  Modern day Strider will be a colorful, exciting, fast-paced game.  

Hopefully, the audience will embrace this new version and enjoy it as much as they do the original.  Strider will be available on February 19th on PC, XBox360, XBoxOne, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4.  For more information about this popular video game, please check out the links below.



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