Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale – Which movie does everyone prefer and why should it matter?

Recently, I read an article titled “Hollywood ripping off Japanese anime.” Since anime is originally a Japanese artform, it is no surprise that America has this tendency to take an original idea and remake it. For example, there are two movies that came out called Battle Royale and Hunger Games. Both movies have similar plots of surviving in a harsh world, but I would not consider them remakes.

My definition of a remake is a movie that has the same title and uses different actors to play the same roles. For example, Spike Lee’s version of Oldboy is a remake of the South Korean movie directed by Park-chan Wook. Some remakes are better than the originals, but that’s besides the point. It is subjective and people need to analyze both movies before jumping to the conclusion that Hunger Games is a ripoff of Battle Royale. Battle Royale was made in Japan and Hunger Games was made in America.

Even though both movies focus on similar elements of daily survival, we need to focus on issues that affect young people on a daily basis such as the education, politics, socioeconomics, and upbringing of these characters. These circumstances play a crucial role in the way their minds are shaped as individuals and we need to take a closer look at this issue.  For more information, check out the links below and respond.


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