Kanzashi’s Impact on Japanese Fashion


Kanzashi is a popular hair ornament worn by Japanese women.  It has a long, rich tradition tracing back to the the Jomon period. Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “The roots of kanzashi can be traced to the Jomon period, however it was the Edo period that witnessed the flourishing of kanzashi.  This reality is based on artisans throughout Japan using greater sophistication in this period of Japanese history.  Therefore, these stylish hair ornaments became part and parcel with certain cultural themes during the Edo period.  At the same time, kanzashi had a unique defensive element based on the natural design and usage of kanzashi when attaching those adorable hair ornaments.” Kanzashi was mainly worn during traditional Japanese weddings and in the geisha world. Nowadays, the younger generation wears it as a fashion statement throughout popular districts such as Harajuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro in Tokyo.  What is the secret behind this ongoing tradition in Japanese culture? Check out the links below:




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