GUESS and Frank & Eileen Open their Doors to Japanese Public

The fashion scene in Japan continues to evolve and many changes have occurred during the first half of this year. New trends, innovations, and brands entering the Japanese market will continues to play a major role currently and in the future. The GUESS brand ha returned to Japan and cities such as Tokyo and Osaka were the first ones prepared for the expansion. Also, other parts of Japan will experience the growing influence of the brand.

For example, GUESS opened their businesses in fashion districts of Namba in Osaka and Harajuku in Tokyo. The fashion scene in Namba provides a wide array of different styles and allow fashion enthusiasts to explore the new outlet in Namba Parks that opened their doors four months ago. Their outlet is based in the iconic Laforet Harajuku department store given everyone an opportunity to observe something new and exciting.  Another location opened in Canal City Hakata in Fukuoko. These businesses opened between late February and the middle of March 2014. Locations in Namba and Canal City Hakata will focus primarily on women’s fashion while still providing a variety of styles for men.

Frank & Eileen, another American brand similar to GUESS, opened its first flagship store in Sendagaya, Tokyo near Ron Herman Department Store. Its design is based on the settings of an Irish pub. “Both brands are fully interwoven within The Sazaby League website it comments about Frank & Eileen by stating: “The shirt brand loved by many a celebrity in California over the years is named after designer Audrey McLoghlin’s grandparents from Ireland. The year of their marriage, 1947, also appears on the brand logo(Michel Libon & Kanako Itamae, page 1).” In the end, both brands do a good job of clearly reflecting the ever-evolving fashion scene in Japan.

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