Grave of the Fireflies Anime Review

umbrella   umbrella I recently watched the anime version of Grave of the Fireflies and thought it was a profound, touching story.  The setting takes place during the final months in World War II Japan about an older brother that struggles to take care of his younger sister.  Despite their harsh circumstances, Seita takes on the role of taking care of her sister Setsuko when their mother died in a burning shelter.  Seita became reluctant to tell her sister that her mother is gone. Also, he was writing to his father, an officer in the Japanese navy not knowing whether he would come back after the war.  During this time, they stayed with their aunt but had trouble dealing with her attitude.  For example, when their mother died, their aunt sold their kimono so that everyone could eat.  Eventually they left and Seita decides to take care of Setsuko on his own.  Throughout the movie, Seita and Setsuko remained inseparable determined to find a better way out of their situation. When Setsuko fell ill, Seita made sure he took care of her by cooking and taking her to the doctor.  Food was scarce but Seita was trying to do the best he can to survive during this challenging period.  Along the journey, both managed to live peaceful lives among the massive confusion going on around them.  Even though Setsuko died at the end unfortunately due to malnutrition, Seita was there to give her all the love and compassion that a child can ever ask for. Love is the bond that kept them together until the very end.  If I had to sum up this story in a sentence, I would say that “As human beings, we can make the best of our situation by staying positive and having faith even when the world around us is falling apart.”

Click on the link below to watch the story:

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