Impact of Black Culture in Japan

As a black person in America, I admire the their love and appreciation for our culture.  Everyone wants to be black, but no one really understands the issues that we continue to encounter on a daily basis such as racism and police brutality.  Having this perception can also be dangerous. Being black is part of our daily lives and you can’t run away from the color of your skin.
I learn something new everyday. With my interest in anime, an interest in Japan has also fostered. Japan has a reputation of being “weird” and even now I still find it 

Since I am a huge fan of Japanese culture, I cannot blame them for the ignorance being fed to them abroad.  Japan is a different culture and what may be considered offensive in America may not have same interpretation over there.  For example, a Japanese or Korean person seen in blackface overseas might not have the same impact in America.  In this country, the history of blackface has been offensive to black people for many years and continues in the 21st century.


Even though Japanese sees us on television, they present a one-sided view of who we are and it needs to be seriously addressed.  As black people, it is our responsibility to educate the younger Japanese generation about our history and contributions made in society.  There is more to our culture than music, fashion, and dance.  At the end of the day, young people in Japan are attracted to what they like and this is their way of celebrating our culture.


To find out more, watch this Youtube video filmed a few years ago about this one Japanese teenager influenced by this trend below:


In addition, anyone interested can check out the link to an article posted online a few months ago:


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I am passionate about travel and learning about other cultures. On my free time, I love to listen to music and watch movies. Some countries that I really want to visit are Japan and France.
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