The Ongoing Controversy Behind the Infamous Rising Sun Flag


The Rising Sun Flag has long been seen as a symbol of imperialism by the Japanese during the Second World War. In the 21st century, it is still widely seen in popular culture through film, music performances, fashion, sporting events and other forms of media.
The Nazi Swastika and the Japanese Rising Sun Flag
The Japanese Rising Sun Flag shown in the background of Street Fighter 2.                                                                               


This Thai commercial featuring a member of the K-pop boy band 2PM dancing in front of a green screen expose the Rising Sun Flag behind him.

Many people from the younger generation think it is cool to promote this image across the world. However, this flag has a long history of hatred and conflict lasting up to this very day. Therefore, I cannot blame today’s generation because they do not fully understand the atrocities that were committed to other Asian countries, specifically China and South Korea. It is the parent and grandparent’s responsibility to educate their children about their history and make sure they understand the consequences behind the decisions they make. The conflict between Japan and China dates back to the 1930s when Japan invaded Manchuria.

However, it was until 1937 when the Japanese military invaded China and killed off many civilians in addition to raping their women. This incident was famously known as The Rape of Nanking. As a result of this incident, both countries have hated each other ever since. The other country that has been affected the most by the Japanese Imperial Army is South Korea. The Japanese government has occupied Korea from 1910-1945 and was not declared independent until after World War II. Below are several incidents in which the Rising Sun Flag has created controversy during the last recent years.

Activists tear up Rising Sun Flags in an anti-Japan protest in Hong Kong on July 7, the 76th anniversary of the Marco Polo Bridge incident which marked the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War. (Photo/CNS)

Summary Royals fan SungWoo Lee became a bit of a celebrity after he visited Kansas City from South Korea earlier this summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love Aoki.. but that flag is WW2 War Crime flag like Nazi’s swasticka/iron cross!!


Here are other images that can be seen elsewhere and the importance of letting everyone know the truth behind this offensive flag.







Unlike Nazi Germany, Japan continues to deny that these atrocities have ever existed.  Therefore, China and South Korea should continue informing the public about the horrific actions done by the Japanese government until justice is served.


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