“The Admiral: Roaring Currents” Becomes Highest Grossing Film in South Korea to Date


South Korea’s most recently released film titled “The Admiral Roaring Currents” portrays Korean naval leader Yi Sun-Shin by destroying Japan’s navy fleet.  Currently, it is the biggest film in Korean cinema history.  The director Kim Han-min’s objective of this film is to educate the audience about the real life battle of Myeong-Nyong in 1597 when Japan invaded Korea.


He hoped the film would reconcile differences that both countries have towards each other, but unfortunately has done little to change their minds.  I can even apply this to the brutal treatment of the Koreans by the Japanese during the early half of the 20th century.  As a result, hatred between these two countries remains as a fact of life to this day.




“A BBC poll last year had only one in five South Koreans holding a positive view of Japan and about the same proportion of Japanese thinking well of South Korea.  And certainly people emerging from showings in Seoul didn’t seem to have narrowed their differences in Japan.”


Japan Flag

Click on the link below to see a portion  of this film below currently seen on Youtube:


And check out the following article for more information regarding this film:



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