Harajuku model Misa Kimura Does First Performance with MUSUBIZM

Famous Harajuku model Misa Kimura kicked off her first performance with the group MUSUBIZM back on December 19 during the live webcast of “Joshi Collective” in uniting the world with the power of Japanese kawaii culture.  It is a popular web program on the social TV site 2.5D focusing on female models, idols, artists, musicians, and other women working in the entertainment industry.

The major goal is to help them discuss topics that affect their daily lives.  As fans, it is important to understand that their favorite stars have the same feelings and thoughts just like everyone else.  Popular celebrities engaged in these discussions include model Ren Koseki, singer Shibo Namba, and comedy duo SPIKE consisting of Shiho Matsuura and Haruna Ogawa.

The first half of the program featured pop idols Pla2me and Hacchake-tai openly expressing their feelings about staying positive despite daily challenges of being famous.  The second half of the program showcased their performances, but Misa Kimura did not show up until a few mintues later with five other girls on stage.  Her fans welcomed them with open arms for their first performance.

“After finishing their first song “Unlucky Girl,” they went into their “self-intro song”(most groups have these and the members mention their special characteristics or catchphrases in them)”MUSUBIZM.”  The members of MUSUBIZM’s performance played a major role in them becoming major pop idols.

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