Japanese Pop Star Gackt Speaks Out Against Lack of Support for Artists Overseas





Japanese pop star/film actor Gackt spoke out against the little impact that Cool Japan has on promoting artists overseas.  He brought up this point after seeing a recent Naruto stage production and observed the lack of people in the audience.  Japanese artists are not being supported the way they should.

 For example, the only well-known Japanese actor currently represented in Hollywood is Ken Watanabe. He is known for his role in films such as “The Last Samurai,” “Inception,” and “Godzilla.”  Cool Japan does a great job of promoting Japanese culture across the world.  However, I think Cool Japan would be more effective if they took the time and effort of exposing Japanese artists not only to the rest of Asia, but throughout the entire globe. It is the only possible way they will get known outside the country.

One major reason Japan is falling behind Asian nations is because the Japanese government does not support and promote them enough to give them an opportunity to share their unlike South Korea. The major difference between Japan and South Korea is that the South Korean government supports their artists and continues to promote their culture worldwide. “With Byung-hun Lee cast as the villain in the new Terminator movie, we can see how the South Korean government is continuing to firmly push their culture(Master Blaster, page 1).”

Japan has major talent, but it is their decision to promote it to the international audience. However, that remains to be seen.  I respect him for questioning what the real purpose of Cool Japan and the impact that it has on today’s culture.

 There is more to Japanese culture than technology and cars.  Therefore, we need to expand our thought process and find ways to get Japanese artists the respect that they deserve.   Check out the website below:



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