Miss Universe Japan 2015 Ariana Miyamoto Becomes First Mixed Race Beauty Queen

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Ariana Miyamoto made headlines by becoming the first mixed beauty queen to win Miss Universe Japan 2015.  She is not only beautiful, but what separated her from the other contestants is being black and Japanese.  

Born to a Japanese mother and African-American father, it raises many eyebrows because Ariana does not have the typical features of a Japanese person.  A majority of people assume that all Japanese people should look and think the same way.  

However, we should already know that no two people are alike.  Race has always played a huge factor on how one ethnic group perceives another, especially in a negative way.  Below, I posted a Youtube interview discussing Ariana Miyamoto’s struggle about feeling like an outsider in her own country:

The media has a tendency to hate something they do not understand.  I am not surprised that the Japanese media ignored her because she does not fit what a Japanese woman looks like.  As a result, it causes people to conform to certain beliefs.  The masses are afraid of being ridiculed.

Therefore, they do not make the effort to read between the lines and form their own conclusions.  This is one of the main reasons that stereotypes still exist in our society.  

Becoming the first person of color in any field opens the door to racial discrimination and jealousy among others because they do not believe that black people are destined for greatness.  As a person of color, Ariana Miyamoto deserves to win because she brought something unique to the table.  Her skin tone is a gift to the world because it provides people the opportunity to see something new and exciting.  

Ariana Miyamoto Faces Backlash As The First Biracial Miss Japan

Beauty comes in all shades and colors like the rainbow.  A lot of times, society constantly tells us what is beautiful and we believe it.  It is time to discard traditional thoughts of beauty.  In the 21st century, society is evolving and there are going to be a greater increase of people born with mixed ancestry.  Japanese society is still close-minded, but the younger generation is open to change and continues to challenge traditional ways of thinking.  

Once people step out of their comfort zone, it will become easier for them to adapt and embrace change.  Hopefully, people will learn their lesson and start to appreciate others that look different from them.  We can do it, but each of us have to take the first step in making it happen!!!  

Everyone on the planet has their own definition of beauty.  People should not change the way they are to fit society’s standards.  If they accepted each other’s differences, the world would be a more peaceful place to live.

Here is a Youtube video discussing young Japanese people’s opinions on this issue:


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