JPOP Summit 2015 Comes to San Francisco for Sixth Consecutive Year

J-Pop Summit Festival 2015 Fashion Events

San Francisco is hosting the JPOP Summit this weekend on August 8th and 9th.  It is a popular Japanese festival provided each summer since its inception in 2009.  JPOP Summit informs audiences about the latest updates in Japanese cinema, music fashion, art, games, technology, anime, and food.

This opens the door for U.S. audiences to experience the excitement of what Japanese culture has to offer.  The exposure raises people’s awareness and hopefully will motivate them to participate in these festivities year after year.  Japanese culture has always had a huge influence on American pop culture and remains stronger than ever.

“This mingling of Japanese and American culture has been going on for decades.  It was soon after the second world war that John Ford first visited the set of an Akira Kurosawa film. ‘Give the director my regards,’ he told one of the studio staff as he left.  But 13 years later he could do that himself.  Kurosawa was on one of Ford’s sets when the entire cast and crew stood up to applaud the Japanese director(The Spectator).”

However, the following generations benefitted the most due to the creation of Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy, among many others.  The event will be held at Fort Mason Center and its keynote speaker is Director of R&D Engineering Kelvin Kazumi Hiraishi for Mazda North American Operations.

Here is a YouTube video that shows some footage from the festival:

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