Catharina Choi Becomes “Miss World Brazil 2015”

Catharina Choi Nunes is Miss World Brazil 2015


Catharina Choi Nunes became “Miss World Brazil 2015” this past June in China.  She is half-Korean and half-Brazilian born to a Korean mother and Spanish/Portuguese father.  Catharina also won the Miss Earth Korea title in 2013.  Originally, the “Miss World Brazil 2015” title was supposed to go to Ana Luisa Castro, the second black woman to acquire the crown.

Ana Luisa Castro Backer with her husband Tanguy Backer

However, she lost it because she was married.  Contest regulations stated that only single women can participate in these events.  This was how Catharina Choi won the title.  Many people may think that she just got lucky, but it is time for the world to see more beautiful women of mixed ancestry.  In the 21st century, the world is constantly changing and it is up to us to adapt to the times we live in.

“The new Miss World Brazil is the first Oriental woman to win the title in Brazil.  Catharina Choi has Korean ancestry and is a student of Social Communication.  She already was a TV host in South Korea.  She will represent Brazil in the Miss World contest, to be held in December in China(Black Women in Brazil).”

In my humble opinion, I am glad to see this woman win because being the first motivates others to challenge themselves and break new ground for others to follow in their footsteps.  It is a watershed moment for many Korean-Brazilian women that would like to compete for Miss World Brazil in the future.  No matter what race or ethnic background a person might come from, they can accomplish anything if they work hard and want it bad enough.  I hope Mrs. Choi sets a great example to all of us that strive to achieve greatness in life.

Check out YouTube video and additional articles below for more details:

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