Hip Hop For The World Unites Artists from Different Cultures to Improve the Lives of Others Around the Globe

 San E – South Korea

Image of National Flag     Earlier this year, fourteen hip hop artists from fourteen different countries lead a movement titled Hip Hop For The World.  

Pendekar – Singapore

Pendekar's photo.

Singapore Flag

Six of the hip hop artists featured in this collaboration come from different Asian countries.

          Julian Nagano – Japan


They are San E (South Korea), Pendekar (Singapore), Julian Nagano (Japan), Adx (India), Yacko (Indonesia), Mr. Skin (Taiwan) and  SadmAnn (Bangledesh).  It was a great way of uniting artists from different cultures and getting their voices heard.  Spreading the message of unity and harmony is needed in today’s generation.

Adx – India Flag of India.svg

Nowadays, hip hop culture is run by corporations that don’t care about anything else but making money.  This is why most rappers speak only about things that are profitable such as clothes, women, and cars.  In my opinion, this movement provides balance and shows young people that they can make a difference in their community by speaking from their heart.

Yacko – Indonesia Yacko

Even though hip hop was created in America, it has exploded into a worldwide phenomenon.  Dubbed the hip hop version of the famous 1985 charity song We Are The World written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie in solving  African famine relief, it provides the soundtrack for today’s generation to continue working towards hope and change. I think more people are becoming aware of the issues affecting them daily.  

DJ Mr. Skin – Taiwan 

Hip hop will continue to transcend racial and cultural barriers.  If you listen carefully enough, everyone has something to say no matter where they come from.  From a cultural standpoint, it motivates others to learn other languages and improves their ability to view an artist’s life from their perspective. One of the things that I love about these artists is their ability to represent their culture while collaborating with others on achieving a common goal of peace, love, and unity.  

SadmAnn – Bangladesh

Flag of Bangladesh

Their mission is to raise money in improving children’s education through UNICEF.  Hip hop is a beautiful, revolutionary artform that can change people’s lives when it is done for the right reasons. As a true hip hop fan, this global anthem will remain a powerful movement for change and inspiration for years to come.  Let’s stay united and keep spreading the truth.  Knowledge is power!!!!!!!!!!! Click on the link to an article below that discuss more about the moment in depth.



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