200 Pounds Beauty Tackles Serious Issue of Plastic Surgery Prevalent in South Korea

200 Pounds Beauty was an excellent film that did well in South Korea.  It directly tackles the issues of weight, beauty, and self-identity.

The film is about a young overweight girl that made the decision to undergo plastic surgery to achieve her dream of becoming a famous pop star.  In South Korea, the standard of beauty is so high that women are willing to alter their appearance so they can gain acceptance from others around them.

This is especially true in the entertainment industry. According to news sources, South Korea is known for having largest plastic surgery market in the world.  People are more attracted more by their physical characteristics than talent.  In the film, Korean actress Kim Ah-joong plays Kang Hanna, the overweight girl with a great voice that wants to be recognized for her amazing talent.

Deep down inside, she wants to become beautiful and decides to take the chance at getting plastic surgery to accomplish her goal. Plastic surgery transformed Hanna’s appearance and motivated her to take on a new identity as Jenny.  Everybody became shocked by her new makeover.  She was getting more attention than ever before.  Every guy wanted to be with her and every woman wanted to be her.

However, her looks could not replace her talent.  Unfortunately, we live in a society ruled by the power of images.  Since Korea is a homogeneous society, success is viewed by the way an individual looks rather than merit.  In the entertainment industry, being the most attractive does not make someone talented.  Talent is something that comes from within you.

The perception of beauty in the media is very limited.  In other words, the dominant society views it as someone being Caucasian having blond hair and blue eyes.  Many people see that as the standard of beauty they should live up to.  It creates the myth that European features equate beauty and anything else would be considered irrelevant.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures around the world.  We need to realize that plastic surgery cannot fix the challenges we encounter on a daily basis.  Even the most beautiful, talented women on the planet have issues they need to deal with.  No one is immune from the trials and tribulations in life.

Accepting yourself is the most important thing that should matter despite the opinions of others.  Everyone need to live by their own standards and not let society dictate what they should look like.  We were all created differently and should embrace our imperfections.

Towards the end of the film, Jenny was not happy with herself anymore and could not remember what she originally looked like.  When she was on stage performing, the film does a good job of showing Hanna on the projector behind her, the person she used to be.  It showed the audience that it is OK to be yourself and not be afraid of what other people think. This film can teach everyone a valuable lesson about the power of self-love and knowing your self-worth as a human being.

I think the world would be a happier place if everyone stopped trying to seek the perfect look and be happy with who they are on the inside.  Check out a preview from the film:

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