Behind The Mask: Yellow Magic Orchestra Version vs Michael Jackson Version?????

One of my all-time favorite songs is titled Behind The Mask.  This song has been covered by various recording artists throughout the years.  Two recording artists famous for covering this song are Yellow Magic Orchestra and Michael Jackson.

Yellow Magic Orchestra

The song Behind The Mask was originally covered by Japanese electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra back in 1979 from their Solid State album.  Initially, it first appeared in a Seiko watch commercial.  Behind The Mask was originally written by world renowned Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, one of the members of Yellow Magic  Orchestra.  Their version heavily uses synthesizers.  Also, lyrical content plays a major impact on capturing the mood and creates an image that the audience can resonate with.



Image result for michael jackson behind the mask

Michael Jackson was another artist famously known for covering this song.    The King of Pop is considered the greatest entertainer of all-time capable of taking something and creating a masterpiece.  Michael Jackson’s version has a great melody, uptempo beat, and quality lyrical content.  The saxophone instrumental adds value and Michael breathes new life into the song everytime he sings it.  The music video does a great job of describing the title of the song in detail.   

It would be hard to say which version is better.  Both versions of this song are great in their own way.  This would be like saying who is a better entertainer, Michael Jackson or Prince?  Everybody has their preferences and it would be unfair to say one thing is better than another.  Yellow Magic Orchestra and Michael Jackson are great artists that should be given credit for what they do best: uniting their audience through music.

 I think that people need to embrace the diversity music brings into our lives.  As a society, we need to stop defining which version of a song is better and appreciate the uniqueness that artists can bring to make their style stand out from others.

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