Asa Ekstrom Invents A Name For Herself In The Birthplace of Manga


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Swedish manga artist Asa Ekstrom has forged a successful career in Japan. She made the decision to become a manga artist while discovering manga series Sailor Moon and Inuyasha as a kid.

When a kid identifies their passion early in life, it helps them develop the required skills and confidence necessary to attain success in their chosen field. In this case, manga is a form of storytelling no different from making films. The only difference is that manga is told through comic strips and characters interact with each other in Japanese.

If you can tell stories that people can relate to in their daily lives, they are more likely to support your work and the message you convey them. I think the main reason Asa Ekstrom has been successful in her career so far is because her passion shines through in her work and people notice that.

Incorporating one’s own culture in manga gives an artist’s work greater meaning and helps them draw on experiences that they had growing up.  Culture plays a huge part in the way people view manga.  Despite the fact that it is a Japanese artform, it could be applied anywhere in the world whether it is from Sweden, France, England, or the United States.  It gives the audience an opportunity to create the world they have always imagined. 

Earlier in March of this year, she released “Hokuou Joshi Asa ga Mitsuketa Nihon no Fushigi” discussing her daily life in Japan. It informs people about any issues they would like to know about before visiting or living there such as cost of living, transportation, food and entertainment.

Manga artists like Asa Ekstrom will continue to shape the artform and influence the next generation in creating new concepts of capturing the imagination of many audiences for many years to come.

Click on the link below for more information on Swedish manga artist Asa Ekstrom below:


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