Hollywood Celebrities Banned in China

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Hollywood celebrities are adored and respected by many fans around the globe.  However, some celebrities are banned from certain countries for several reasons.  One country that has done this over the years is China.  

The Chinese government is Communist and forbids anyone to speak out against the injustices that their citizens encounter on a daily basis.  Many celebrities fail to understand what is acceptable in America might not be accepted in another part of the world.  Just because a person is rich and famous does not give them the right to say something inappropriate about another country, especially since they never been there.  

Everyone has the right to say what they feel, but people need to understand that they could suffer the consequences for their actions.  Hollywood celebrities need to understand that China does not exercise freedom of expression like America does.  They should stick to whatever they do best(acting, singing, dancing, etc.) and leave the political issues up to the politicians and citizens of China.  

It is already hard for anyone, especially a public figure, to assess a situation from the outside looking in.  For any celebrity that wants to come to China to perform, I would recommend learning about the language and culture.  Becoming sensitive to cultural differences goes a long way in gaining trust and respect among people that think differently from you.  

The media does a horrible job of portraying these celebrities as “gods” and “goddesses” incapable of making mistakes.  They are human just like everyone else in this world.  I think if more celebrities take time away from their careers and live abroad in China for a year, I seriously think they would become more culturally aware of the differences that exist between China and America.

Therefore, their experience would help to shatter preconceived notions they once had and appreciate the uniqueness that other cultures have to offer.

Listen carefully to this YouTube video that I posted below discussing several celebrities that were banned in China for various reasons:

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