Rock Star David Bowie Remembered For Being A Music And Fashion Trailblazer Over Five Decades

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Singer David Bowie passed away last week from cancer.  However, his legacy will continue to live on forever in the heart and minds among his fans worldwide.  

He was not only a pop music legend but also left an unforgettable mark on the world of fashion while being married to Iman, one of the most successful supermodels.  Now, many people might say “What does David Bowie have to do with Japanese street fashion?”  I would say that he had a significant impact on the fashion culture in Tokyo.   

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David Bowie was one of the few entertainers that took fashion to another level.  Fashion knows no boundaries or limitations.  A person is only limited by their imagination.  It is a major factor that helped him stand out from other popular artists during his career.  The similarities between David Bowie and Japanese fashion is that they both display uniqueness and originality.  

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Even though some people may say that Japanese fashion was inspired by America, I think it is unique in its own way.  I would say that the fashion scene in Tokyo embraces a person’s individuality more than America does. The major purpose of fashion is to break away from the traditional way of wearing what everyone else does and create your own style.  Therefore, Japanese fashion might look weird to most people, but that is what makes it exciting. 


As an individual, I respect David Bowie because he was not afraid of being different and thinking outside of the box.  Back in the day, music was known for having great style and substance.  Entertainers put thought in creating their music and what they wore on stage.  David Bowie infused life into both his fashion and music.  Another reason I would call him a fashion trailblazer is that he was bold enough to take risks and not worry about what others think.  

Tokyo is my most favorite city in the world for fashion because Japanese people are constantly developing innovative ways of showcasing their talents to other cultures.  Even though the hottest fashion markets are located in New York, Paris, London, and Milan, Tokyo has always been on the cutting edge of fashion.  In my opinion, they will continue shaping our attitudes about style and fashion for many more years to come. 


Regardless of whether you’re a public figure or not, people are going to have their own opinions about you.  One thing that I learned from David Bowie is that every individual on this planet has their own fashion preferences and people should just accept it.  I am not saying that everyone is going to like you for who you are, but self-respect plays an tremendous factor in helping people remain true to themselves.

David Bowie has left a rich and enduring legacy for future generations of artists to follow.  He has stood the test of time in an industry where artists come and go.  His true measure as an artist has shaped the way that I think about my life.  It lets me know that it is important to love and accept yourself for who you are and not let others dictate how you should be in this world.  

There will never be another artist, past or present, that can fill the shoes of David Bowie.  He was one of a kind and this is something that is lacking in the music industry today.  I want to thank you David Bowie for sharing his gift of music to the world.  You will be sorely missed.

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2 Responses to Rock Star David Bowie Remembered For Being A Music And Fashion Trailblazer Over Five Decades

  1. April Diane says:

    Thank you for enlightening me in regard to David Bowe. Before your post I had no idea of who he is and what is role was in our global community. After reading yournpostni now know david Bowie was not only a musician, and fashionista, he also was a confident being that challenge the status quo of what is and his not acceptable in our society.

    So much of what you said resognated with me about this piece, specifically the entire piece seems to have a theme of “Be Confident in who you are.” The two comments that generated this focus in my mind were: the reference to public opinion of your attire and branding yourself by the image you choose through your style of fashion, and the quoted comment, “it is important to love and accept yourself for who you are and not let others dictate how you should be in this world”

    Thanks for the wisdom and awareness.

    • wmckenzie95 says:

      I want to let people know that you should be yourself no matter what people think. The thing that I respect about David Bowie the most is that he refused to follow the crowd. He felt more comfortable doing his own thing. Following the status quo just to be accepted by others will never set a person apart no matter how talented they might be. I would encourage anyone to take the path less traveled. Even though it will be a lonely road, I think people would be happier with their lives in the long run. This is one of the most important lessons that I learned from David Bowie. In the end, people are more likely to remember you if you have something unique to offer them.

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