The Ongoing Rise of Interracial Relationships in Hollywood

Interracial relationships in Hollywood have increased over the last several years, especially among black men and Asian women. One groundbreaking film responsible for portraying interracial relationships on-screen is Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in 1967 starring legendary actor Sidney Poitier. That same year, the U.S. passed the Supreme Court case Loving vs. Virginia making interracial marriages legal. Statistics have showed interracial relationships have been on the rise steadily since this law passed.

wesley snipes nikki park2Wesley Snipes, African American, and his lovely wife, Nakyung “Nikki” Park, Korean

Men and women were always naturally attracted to each other regardless of race or ethnicity. Unfortunately, there are still people that think they should date within their own race. Some people think that two people from different ethnic backgrounds will not understand each other due to language barriers. Racism still plays a huge factor in the way some people view interracial couples. It is difficult to prove them otherwise because they were raised to think that black people are still inferior and don’t deserve the best out of their lives. I believe that everyone has the right to marry or date whoever they like. Should we really judge a relationship based on the color of someone’s skin or by the content of their character?

hill chloe1Actor Hill Harper with his Korean girlfriend Chloe Flower

I strongly encourage black men to date outside of their race because it will broaden their horizons and open them up to a world of infinite possibilities. Black men date outside of their own race for a variety of reasons. One reason might be that they are curious about what life would be like with someone from another culture. Curiosity helps people to think outside the box and look at their lives from a different perspective.

Image result for david chappelle and wifeComedian Dave Chappelle and his Filipino wife Elaine Mendoza

However, I believe that black men should gain knowledge of self and understand their reasons for dating women different from their own. Black men should not simply date outside of their race because they hate black women. Generalizing black women is dangerous because the media already portrays them as angry and stuck-up. There are good black women out there, but black men have to take time in seeking them out. Self-hate and lack of identity play a major role in the lives of a majority of black people in this country. Therefore, we need to work on loving ourselves before we can love somebody else regardless of race.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, African American, mixed martial arts champion and actor, and his wife, Yuki Jackson, Japanese. Read more at “Rampage” Jackson, African American, mixed martial arts champion and actor, and his wife, Yuki Jackson, Japanese

Despite these issues, there is always hope for black men that really want to pursue love outside of their race.  I think that black men and Asian women make great couples. According to PewResearchCenter, statistics show that black men are more likely than women to marry outside of their race. On the other hand, Asian women are more likely to marry outside of their race than Asian men. Love has no color. This shows people that a black man can date outside his race and still be devoted to enhancing the lives of others in our community.

dante carver and wife.jpgActor Dante Carver and his Japanese wife Akiko Matsumoto

Some of the most successful interracial relationships are action film star Wesley Snipes and Nakyung Park(Korean), comedian Dave Chappelle and wife Elaine Mendoza(Filipino), R&B singer Brian McKnight and girlfriend Leiliani Malia(Filipina/Hawaiian), and actor Hill Harper and Chloe Flower(Korean). We need to remember that happiness is a choice. When a black man dates an Asian woman, it shows their willingness to learn about another culture. As black people, we need to travel more and experience other cultures to help us grow as a people.

chuck mari johnson1International film actor, stuntman, martial artist, stunt choreographer, and author Chuck Johnson and Japanese wife Mari Tobita Johnson

Therefore, becoming exposed to other cultures changes their perspective on life and the way they see the world. Dating or marrying someone from another culture presents its challenges, but also offers many benefits. In my opinion, successful relationships are built on gaining trust and honesty with the other person. These are two qualities that are crucial in maintaining one, especially among people that come from different cultural backgrounds. We have to continue making an effort to break out of our comfort zones and remain fearless in pursuing what we want out of life.

kimora djimon
Actor Djimon Hounsou and former model/fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons (born to an African–American father and a Korean Japanese mother, who was adopted by an American service man during the Korean war)

Interracial relationships will continue to influence the decisions of black men in helping them find the happiness they truly deserve in their lives. A study released in the middle of December by the liberal Brookings Institute found a rise in interracial relationships across the United States, but showed whites and blacks are also marrying other races more today than in the past.

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