Beyonce’s Spectacular SuperBowl 50 Performance Pays Homage to the Legendary Black Panthers


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I thought Beyonce’s half-time performance at SuperBowl 50 was amazing.  One factor about her performance that impressed me the most was her fashion attire along with back-up dancers dressing up in all black with afros and berets.  Beyonce was paying homage to the legendary Black Panther Party of the 1960s started by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale marking their 50th anniversary in Oakland, California this year.  

The Black Panther Party was a revolutionary organization that fought for the liberation of black people from police brutality and oppression.  Since police brutality has reached an all-time high during the Obama administration, black people continue to get killed at the hands of the police officers just because of their skin color.  It would have been easier for her regular performance and leave the stage.  

However, I think her SuperBowl performance touched a nerve and helped black people become more aware of their conditions that continue to happen in this country.  I respect her ability to speak up and not be afraid of what others might think.  She is letting black people know that we should love ourselves and not let others dictate who we should be.  A lot of times, people have the tendency to criticize entertainers whether they speak out about a particular issue or not.  

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The ironic part about this incident is when black people decide to speak out against racial discrimination they are called crazy.  Black people have always and will continue to suffer in this country if they do not speak up for themselves and make a change.  At the end of the day, Beyonce is an entertainer and should not be obligated to speak out against any issues that might not affected her directly.  Many black people rely on celebrities to solve our problems.  Why should we depend on rich and famous people to solve our problems when we can do it ourselves?  

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For example, Asians are the most powerful and successful group in America because they work together and do not rely on the dominant society to provide for themselves and their families.  They maintain their cultural identity and promote self-love among each other despite their differences that exist among each other.  I think that black people can excel and become self-reliant like the Asians if they are willing to change their ways.

Watch Beyonce’s SuperBowl performance below:

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