Music Icon Prince Leaves Enduring Legacy and Sets Precedent For Future Generations of Artists to Follow

prince purple rain.jpg

‘Purple Rain’ star Prince performs in a musical number from that 1984 rock ‘n’ roll drama.

Legendary music icon Prince passed away last Thursday at just 57 years old.  His legacy left a huge impact on the music world and forever shaped the way people listened to it.  Prince was one of the few artists that defied musical genres and influenced future generations in staying true to themselves.  He was effective in utilizing music as a powerful tool in promoting change to address issues that the average human being might not know about while entertaining us at the same time.

Prince performing with Beyonce at the Grammy Awards in 2004

Prince performing with Beyonce at the Grammy Awards in 2004

Some of his most popular hit songs include 1999Little Red CorvetteWhen Doves CryLet’s Go CrazyI Would Die 4 U, and Raspberry Beret.  These songs will live on forever and continue to be played by people around the world.  Who could forget about his classic megahit film Purple Rain and its unforgettable soundtrack?  I think Prince became successful throughout his career because his music touched people personally and they could relate to him on many different levels.

Some of Prince’s Legendary Live Performances That Still Captivates Fans Around the Globe Today:

Prince was not only an incredible musician, entertainer, and songwriter, but he was also an intelligent businessman.  After a dispute about his record contract with Warner Bros., Prince got smart and decided to release his music independently on his own terms.  Therefore, he collaborated with Tidal, Jay Z’s music streaming service, to gain more creative control over his music.  He understood the impact that technology has on music and used it to his advantage.  As an artist, it is crucial to learn and understand the business side of the music industry to prevent the same mistakes that happened to Prince and Michael Jackson.  Prince was informing younger artists about protecting themselves through ownership of their publishing and masters.  Click on the link below to read the full article:

Today, artists need to understand that they are responsible for taking control of their destiny and not leave it in the hands of these record companies.  Prince remains one of my all-time favorite artists because he created innovative music while maintaining his integrity.  If I had to define Prince in one word, it would be groundbreaking because his musical and fashion style were ahead of its time.  The music industry was going through a transition with the arrival of MTV during the ’80s.  Prince ushered in a new generation of artists that utilized the power of music video to convey their message with fans worldwide alongside Michael Jackson(AKA The King of Pop).  That is the true mark of a legendary artist.

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