Ongoing Struggle for Taiwanese Independence Continues to Remain Problematic in Mainland China

madonna taiwan

Over the last few years, Asian celebrities have been speaking out against Taiwanese independence from mainland China.  Everyone knows that celebrities can utilize their power to promote change in society if they really want to.  At the same time, celebrities are also considered targets for voicing their political views on certain issues.  In this situation, some Asian celebrities have got in trouble for speaking the truth.  Even American celebrities such as Madonna and Katy Perry were brave enough to promote the Taiwanese flag during their performances in the capital city of Taipei.  Whether they were making a political statement to mainland China or it was just a part of their stage routine is another matter altogether.  I think the important factor is engaging the audience to think for themselves and make their own conclusions.

Katy Perry Wears Taiwanese flag in Taipei Arena by Albatross Chen on 500px

Even though we should not treat entertainers as political figures, they should be given the right to inform the public about what is going on.  As long as it does not hurt anybody, I do not see anything wrong with expressing their opinions.  It becomes harder for some Asian celebrities to maintain their professional integrity while staying committed to issues that affect them the most.  The problem is that mainland China does not like any celebrity to speak out against their government because it will jeopardize a celebrity’s ability to work there again.  No individual has the right to control what a person should or should not say.  Unfortunately, celebrities have to become more mindful of what they say and do or risk losing their reputation.  Only a few people are willing to suffer the consequences and risk losing the lifestyle that they worked for.  For more information, you can click on the articles below and read about certain celebrities that these issues affected from Taiwan:

Unlike the United States of America, China is still considered a Communist country and people have to remember the things they say or do can get them thrown in jail and even killed.  The history between mainland China and Taiwan continue to remain a turbulent issue since 1949.  To this day, China believes that Taiwan still belongs to them.  However, Taiwan should be considered an independent nation that has its own culture, traditions, and customs separate from the mainland.  Just because a popular Taiwanese artist proudly promotes independence by displaying their flag with pride while performing at a concert should not be something that others look down upon.

Earlier this year, one celebrity that caused enormous controversy for waving the flag is Taiwanese singer and member Chou Tzu-yu of the K-pop girl group Twice.  She was seen waving the flag on a Korean television show causing greater tensions between China and Taiwan.  As a result, Chou Tzu-yu was forced to apologize for her actions that took place.  Watch the Youtube video below of the singer apologizing to China over the incident:

Unfortunately, people are punished for speaking the truth at a time when many of us need to be aware of our reality in the world.  I think that it is unfair for mainland China to make somebody apologize for expressing their viewpoints different from their own.  Developing a groupthink mentality among mainland Chinese people will only make things worse among their ability to improve relations with Taiwan.  Also, they will remain in a constant state of confusion and paranoia.  When a person cannot think for themselves, they are more likely to become slaves to what society wants them to be.

I strongly believe that people have the right to represent where they come from and no one should feel ashamed for doing so.  At the end of the day, no one should be threatened by what a flag symbolizes.  In my opinion, there are more productive things that the Chinese government can focus on their attention on to make their country better.


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