Japanese Culture Continues to Flourish in Brazil After Their Arrival Over A Century Ago


The torii, Japanese arch, that marks the entrance to Liberdade, Sao Paulo.

The torii, Japanese arch, that marks the entrance to Liberdade, Sao Paulo

Brazil Flag Olympics

This past Sunday marked the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  Many people might not know that Brazil has had a strong relationship with Japan for over a century.  The Japanese migrated to Brazil back in 1908.  It is similar to the way other immigrants came to America from other parts of the globe in creating a better life for themselves and their families.  Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.  They live in the Sao Paulo district of Liberdade, which means “freedom” in English.


I think that Japanese-Brazilians have the best of both worlds.  The ability to claim both cultures is empowering despite cultural differences that may exist.  Therefore, they do not have to abandon one culture to feel accepted by the other.  Having the ability to become multicultural allows them the opportunity to embrace both cultures equally and view the world from a broader perspective.  Another interesting fact about Liberdade is also home to many diverse cultures including Chinese, Korean, Lebanese, and Italians.

Here is a Youtube video featuring the enormous impact of Japanese culture in Liberdade and it effects on other cultures around the globe.  Check it out and I hope you will love it:

The 2016 Olympic Games featured Brazilian athletes with Japanese roots.  Some of these athletes are Charles Koshiro Chibana(judo-men’s 66kg), Mahau Camargo Suguimati(athletics-400 meter hurdles), and Paula Harumi Ishibashi(women’s rugby sevens).  Overall, Japanese athletes Mashu Baker and Haruka Tachimoto won gold in the sport of judo.  For more information about these accomplishments, click on the articles below:


Celebrating Japan’s multicultural Olympians

See you in the next four years when Japan hosts the 2020 Olympic Games from Tokyo, one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world!!!!!!

Image result for tokyo 2020 olympic games


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