2016: The Year That Music Lost Its Soul

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On Christmas Day, the music world has lost yet another talented artist.  I heard that singer George Michael passed away at only 53 years old.  Even though he is no longer on this Earth, George Michael left behind a body of great music that will live on forever in the hearts and minds of people that loved him.  The year 2016 saw the passing of some of the most talented artists to ever grace the stage such as David Bowie, Maurice White from the popular ’70s R&B/funk group Earth, Wind and Fire, and Prince.  It has been a very bittersweet year for me and ironically it is not over yet.  One pattern I noticed is that many popular artists from the 1980s are slowly dying off.  As a passionate music aficionado, I become shocked when one of my favorite artists passes away.  Most of my favorite artists that I grew up listening to are now gone.  However, I came to realize that they blessed the world through their music and made it a happier place for me to live in.

George Michael was one of those influential artists that left an enormous impact on the history of pop music and brave enough to talk about topics that many people considered taboo during his heyday.  Despite the controversy that he encountered during his career over his sexual orientation, he kept doing what he did best: making great music and giving the people what they want.  Some of my favorite songs of his include Freedom 90, Faith, Everything She Wants, I Want Your Sex, and Careless Whisper.  At the end of the day, his talent speaks for itself.  He has certainly gained my respect and the respect of many fans around the world for remaining true to himself.  It is an important attribute missing in today’s music.  He might be gone, but will be never forgotten.

Listen to one of my most favorite songs by George Michael called Freedom 90 below:


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