Japanese Pop Idol Group Me-gumi Restores Local Economy

I read an interesting article about Japanese pop idol group Me-gumi contributes to growth of the local economy in the city of Hino, located in western Tokyo.  The group was initially formed by a group of students at Meisei University’s Business Administration Department seminar idol-development project under Professor Koichi Katano.  Creating opportunities will allow more students to develop industries that produces jobs for many people in their community.

Click below and listen to one of their live performances on YouTube:

Students involved in the seminar become involved in a variety of activities such as coming up with songs that the group wants to sing, choreographing dance moves, and establishing venues for their performances.  Seminars are a great way to seek out new opportunities that people never really considered.  Also, gaining experience working with pop idols exposes them to the business side of the music industry.  Learning about business helps them to take control of their own destiny and give back to their community at the same time.

Promoting the city of Hino will increase the tourism industry specifically towards people that live outside of Japan.  Over time, Me-gumi’s performances will attract more visitors and motivate them to improve the quality of life in this region.  Tourism drives every country’s economy and people will keep coming back if they are satisfied with their experience.  Revitalizing a community takes hard work and dedication.  Healthy, strong communities require close-knit relationships among the people that live there.  This article serves as a reminder that young people can accomplish their goals while becoming leaders in their community.

For more information about the article, click on the link below:





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2 Responses to Japanese Pop Idol Group Me-gumi Restores Local Economy

  1. TonyJ2 says:

    A really interesting approach to Visitor development by including young people and their ideas. Good luck to them!

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