The Getdown Dropped Only After One Season

Two weeks ago, Netflix has cancelled the popular series “The Getdown” only after one season. As a fan of the series, it is unfortunate because we did not get a chance to see how great the show could have became. One thing that I enjoyed about watching “The Getdown” was their ability to capture the impact of hip-hop culture in its earliest stages of development. Even though the series added five more episodes for part two, no one really knows the potential it would have had if Netflix gave it an opportunity to grow. The series would have gotten better over time by showing how hip-hop culture evolved over the years into becoming a global billion dollar business. However, I would say that the series left an indelible mark on hip-hop culture that inspires young people to continue striving towards greatness and never give up no matter how hard life gets. The most important lesson I think people should take away from this series is that a person’s circumstances should not define their destiny.

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I am passionate about travel and learning about other cultures. On my free time, I love to listen to music and watch movies. Some countries that I really want to visit are Japan and France.
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