South Korea’s First Black Model

I came across this article about South Korea’s first black fashion model Han Hyun-min. Despite having African features, he grew up in Itaewon and speaks Korean. By fashion industry standards, Han Hyun-min has a very distinct look at only sixteen years old. At an early age, he already made his third appearance at Seoul Fashion Week. Unfortunately, Han Hyun-min does not look like your typical Korean. South Korea is considered a homogeneous society that looks down on people that do not look like them. Even if an individual comes from another country and knows Korean fluently or understands the culture, they will never be accepted.

Here is a link to the article below:

Therefore, this makes it harder for Han Hyun-min in adapting to Korean culture because Koreans are more accustomed to communicating with people that they look like them on a daily basis. Many people would automatically assume that he is a foreigner, but they do not know that he was born to a Korean mother and Nigerian father. Han Hyun-min knows very little about Nigerian culture because he was not born there. It is similar to someone that is Korean-Canadian. Even though the individual is born in Canada, they will not know much about Korean culture. As a result, they are going to feel like an outsider.

Being a mixed-race fashion model in South Korea can be very challenging, but it can also become a great advantage. I think the younger generation of Koreans are more open-minded and embrace seeing people from other ethnicities. As time goes on, Korean society is going to encounter more mixed-race people that look different from them. In my opinion, model Han Hyun-min will continue making strides in the fashion industry through his mixed ethnicity and inspire future generations of models to follow in his footsteps one day. Blacks have always been trendsetters and will continue seeking ways in bring innovative ideas to our ever-changing universe. Being the first in anything is always going to be a challenge, but black people have shown that time and time again it can de done through hard work, persistence, and determination.

Watch this interesting video below:


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