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I am passionate about travel and learning about other cultures. On my free time, I love to listen to music and watch movies. Some countries that I really want to visit are Japan and France.

Is It Acceptable for Black Men To Cry?

This past week actor/singer Tyrese Gibson cried over not seeing his daughter despite a custody battle with his ex-wife.  He has to pay $13,000 each month to see her.  The problem I have with this particular situation is that Tyrese … Continue reading

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Racism in Hollywood: Has Anything Really Changed?

Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. star Chloe Wang changed her name to Chloe Bennett so she could get offered more roles in Hollywood. The main reason behind her decision was because Hollywood is racist as a Chinese-American actress. It should not … Continue reading

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South Korea’s First Black Model

I came across this article about South Korea’s first black fashion model Han Hyun-min. Despite having African features, he grew up in Itaewon and speaks Korean. By fashion industry standards, Han Hyun-min has a very distinct look at only sixteen … Continue reading

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The Getdown Dropped Only After One Season

Two weeks ago, Netflix has cancelled the popular series “The Getdown” only after one season. As a fan of the series, it is unfortunate because we did not get a chance to see how great the show could have became. … Continue reading

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Chinese Actress Achieves Success in Brazil’s Film Industry

Born to Chinese parents, Lian Tai moved to Brazil in her pursuit of an acting and writing career.  She found success in the Brazilian film industry.  Modeling gave her an advantage that provided Brazil with a unique look never seen … Continue reading

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Typecasting in Hollywood

Typecasting is when the audience strongly identifies an actor with playing a certain role.  It continues to become an ongoing issue in Hollywood among actors from different ethnicities.  It is harder for black, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle Eastern actors to … Continue reading

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The Value of Academic Achievement Over Fame

Korean actress Lee Se Young made a smart decision in putting her career on hold to pursue an education.  Many people assume that all celebrities are rich and should remain satisfied with their status in society.  However, we forget that … Continue reading

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