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Black Filmmakers Find Their Creative Niche in Japan

Black filmmakers have been making their mark in The Land of the Rising Sun.  Nowadays, filmmakers do not need to go to Hollywood become a successful.  Don’t get me wrong.  Hollywood is still the place to make it if you want to … Continue reading

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Tom Cruise Will Visit South Korea to Promote Latest Film “Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation”

  Hollywood actor Tom Cruise (Lotte Entertainment) Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise will visit Seoul, South Korea at the end of the month to promote his latest film “Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation.”   It is going to be the fifth installment in the series. … Continue reading

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Major Film Studio Paramount Pictures Makes Long-Term Distribution Deal with South Korea’s Lotte Entertainment

Paramount Pictures has agreed to a  long-term distribution deal with Lotte Entertainment, a subsidary of the Lotte Group and South Korea’s fifth largest conglomerate in distributing films throughout the country.  It will oversee future film releases produced by major American studio … Continue reading

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Japanese Pop Star Gackt Speaks Out Against Lack of Support for Artists Overseas

      Japanese pop star/film actor Gackt spoke out against the little impact that Cool Japan has on promoting artists overseas.  He brought up this point after seeing a recent Naruto stage production and observed the lack of people … Continue reading

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China’s Box Office Revenue Exceeds $3.2 Billion during First Part of Year

This year’s report have shown that box office revenues in China exceeded 3.2 billion so far(20 billion yuan).  There were 156 different films shown in Chinese movie theaters this year so far.   Some of the most successful Hollywood films … Continue reading

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China Hosts Fifth Annual Beijing International Film Festival

China will hosts its fifth year of the Beijing International FIlm Festival. This event is going to showcase 930 films across the world give them a chance to compete for the Tiantan Award, one of the most prestigious awards in … Continue reading

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How Bruce Lee Changed The Film Industry

    Martial artist/philosopher/film star Bruce Lee left a large mark on the film industry.  He paved the way for future generations of actors and hip-hop artists such as Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Lucy Liu, RZA from Wu-tang Clan, LL Cool … Continue reading

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