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South Korea’s First Black Model

I came across this article about South Korea’s first black fashion model Han Hyun-min. Despite having African features, he grew up in Itaewon and speaks Korean. By fashion industry standards, Han Hyun-min has a very distinct look at only sixteen … Continue reading

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The Value of Academic Achievement Over Fame

Korean actress Lee Se Young made a smart decision in putting her career on hold to pursue an education.  Many people assume that all celebrities are rich and should remain satisfied with their status in society.  However, we forget that … Continue reading

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Ongoing Struggle for Taiwanese Independence Continues to Remain Problematic in Mainland China

Over the last few years, Asian celebrities have been speaking out against Taiwanese independence from mainland China.  Everyone knows that celebrities can utilize their power to promote change in society if they really want to.  At the same time, celebrities are … Continue reading

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The Relevance of Cultural References Portrayed on Film

Many people assume that all Asian people come from China.  From an outsider’s perspective, they tend to look at them the same way.  However, each culture has their own language, customs, traditions, and identity that sets them apart from one … Continue reading

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200 Pounds Beauty Tackles Serious Issue of Plastic Surgery Prevalent in South Korea

200 Pounds Beauty was an excellent film that did well in South Korea.  It directly tackles the issues of weight, beauty, and self-identity. The film is about a young overweight girl that made the decision to undergo plastic surgery to … Continue reading

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The Rise of Hip Hop Culture in South Korea

       South Korea is one of the many countries that has experienced a rise in the popularity of hip hop in the last several years.  The origins of hip hop in South Korea date back to the early … Continue reading

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Hip Hop For The World Unites Artists from Different Cultures to Improve the Lives of Others Around the Globe

 San E – South Korea     Earlier this year, fourteen hip hop artists from fourteen different countries lead a movement titled Hip Hop For The World.   Pendekar – Singapore Six of the hip hop artists featured in this collaboration … Continue reading

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