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Black Panther Redefines Images of Blacks on Film

  Black Panther was a fantastic film that portrayed black people in a positive way showing the rich history and wealth of Wakanda, a fictional African technologically-advanced nation. Recently, it has just grossed over a billion dollars worldwide.  I strongly … Continue reading

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Grave of the Fireflies Anime Review

  I recently watched the anime version of Grave of the Fireflies and thought it was a profound, touching story.  The setting takes place during the final months in World War II Japan about an older brother that struggles to … Continue reading

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Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale – Which movie does everyone prefer and why should it matter?

Recently, I read an article titled “Hollywood ripping off Japanese anime.” Since anime is originally a Japanese artform, it is no surprise that America has this tendency to take an original idea and remake it. For example, there are two … Continue reading

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