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The Impact That Manga Can Have on Teaching People About the Past, Present, and Future

Keiji Nakazawa: Barefoot In Hiroshima   Manga has a huge influence worldwide and can be effective in the classroom.  Everybody learns differently and students are more engaged in learning about something that interests them.  Many students enjoy reading manga and it … Continue reading

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Broadway Musical Allegiance Tackles Brutal History of Japanese-Americans Lives in Internment Camps During World War II

Legendary actor George Takei, best known for his role in the original Star Trek TV series that starred William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, is currently starring in the Broadway musical Allegiance.  It tells the story about a Japanese-American family bounded … Continue reading

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Japanese Kamikaze Pilots During World War II

  Kamikaze pilots played an important role during the Second World War in Japan.  The Japanese term kamikaze stands for divine wind.  In the U.S., they were popularly known as suicide bombers.  They were introduced during the later part of the … Continue reading

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Grave of the Fireflies Anime Review

  I recently watched the anime version of Grave of the Fireflies and thought it was a profound, touching story.  The setting takes place during the final months in World War II Japan about an older brother that struggles to … Continue reading

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Japanese Culture in American Movies

In the movie industry, Hollywood has made movies that have contain strong references to Japanese culture.  Through the years, some have been successful and other have not. Some examples include the James Bond classic You Only Live Twice starring Sean Connery(1967), … Continue reading

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