The Relevance of Cultural References Portrayed on Film

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Many people assume that all Asian people come from China.  From an outsider’s perspective, they tend to look at them the same way.  However, each culture has their own language, customs, traditions, and identity that sets them apart from one another.  It is no different than people that come from Africa, South America, Europe, or the Caribbean.  Asia is the largest continent in the world consisting of many different ethnicities such as Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Indonesian.

Bloodsport (1988) - Chong Li is amused by Frank Dux's skills.

Bolo Yeung, who plays the terrifying Chong Li, is actually a big ol’ pussycat.

One cultural reference that I would like to point out is Bolo Yeung’s character Chong Li in the classic martial arts film Bloodsport.  Former bodybuilder and martial arts film actor Bolo Yeung was originally born in China.  However, the character that he portrayed (Chong Li) comes from South Korea.  Throughout the film, Chong Li wore a Korean headband and his trainer wore a black sweatshirt containing the flag’s logo.  Watch the Youtube video below to see for yourself:

Even though Bloodsport was released in 1988, it became hugely successful and launched Jean-Claude Van Damme’s career in Hollywood.  That same year, South Korea hosted the 1988 Olympic Games in the capital city of Seoul.

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